Circle of Friends

If you believe that improving educational access is vital to shaping our community’s future, please consider supporting Odyssey.  By donating to Odyssey, you will be a part of our Circle of Friends, a group of volunteers and supporters who have committed to helping us build a bridge of opportunity for our students.

Serving children in Atlanta with unmet potential in grades 1-12—typically from underperforming schools in neighborhoods with fewer resources—Odyssey inspires students to embark on a quest for knowledge and prepares them for the path to college.

Odyssey’s program is free for all students; yet the costs of providing this best-in-class curriculum each summer, along with meals and transportation, are significant.  The average cost to support a student is $2,800 per year.  Every contribution makes a difference.

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This summer, you can join other students in a fun, exciting program that will make a real difference in your life...