Students & Parents

Odyssey students love to learn and they have a good time doing it!  For six weeks each summer (five weeks for high school), around 300 Odyssey scholars come to the campus of The Westminster Schools and are taught by inspirational faculty.  With a low student-to-teacher ratio and experiential and engaging learning techniques, Odyssey teaches students to love gaining knowledge.  Students build their skills in core academics (reading, writing, and math) while branching out into new and exciting fields of study, such as forensics, robotics, and cultural studies.

Parents of Odyssey students see a difference in academic performance as their children spend summers at Odyssey.  Their children are inspired in the classroom, make great friendships, and are encouraged to grow to be responsible stewards of our Atlanta community.  As Odyssey committs to providing a powerful summer program free-of-charge, parents make a committment for their child to get the most out of the Odyssey experience.   This means Odyssey students will attend the entire program (students cannot miss more than 3 days, excused or unexcused), be encouraged at home, and be positive members of the Odyssey community.

Odyssey is a “family” of students, teachers, parents, staff, and volunteers who want to provide power through knowledge to Atlanta’s youth.  “A quest for knowledge, a path to college”.


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Students call the Odyssey Program 'Life Changing'


This summer, you can join other students in a fun, exciting program that will make a real difference in your life...