How Can I Recommend a Student?

The Odyssey program is designed for students from the “middle third” of their classes in the Atlanta Public Schools who can benefit from the nurturing academic experience that Odyssey provides.   Families that enroll their children in Odyssey make a committment that their child will attend every day of the summer program and to encourage their students at home. 

To recommend a student for Odyssey, fill out an online application and teacher recommendation from our website.  Applications for new students should be completed by the end of March in order to be properly reviewed and processed.


“If a child from my school went to this program I think it would give them a better insight of what to do after high school. It could help them want to go to college, want better for themselves, and want a better career.”

Lateria Clemmons

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Students call the Odyssey Program 'Life Changing'


This summer, you can join other students in a fun, exciting program that will make a real difference in your life...