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Rising 6th Grade
Odyssey City
Rising 7th Grade
Undercover Odyssey
Rising 8th Grade
Odyssey Apprentice
Learn all about how Atlanta runs and then create your own city!In Odyssey City, students will learn about our hometown of Atlanta and its infrastructure. After studying topics ranging from local government to sports teams to parks and recreation, students will then create their own city. Classes will focus on writing comprehension through journaling, music through the creation of a “city song”, as well as social studies and math skills.Topics:

  • Create an actual city
  • Learn the details that go into what makes a city
  • Study the infrastructure of local government
  • Learn about housing, taxes, school systems, etc.
  • Write weekly newspaper updates
  • Create detailed reports on a specific piece of a city’s infrastructure

Final Project:

The creation and presentation of a city song with student designed choreography

City tour of Atlanta, New World of Coke, Zoo Atlanta, High Museum of Art, Oakland Cemetery

Investigate, journal, debate, and hold an official court trial while solving a crime mystery!Students will be presented with a crime scene and will have to decipher the mystery behind it. Through the process of discovery, Undercover Odyssey participants will learn how to interview and debate, as well as learning the science behind fingerprinting, DNA, and crime scene investigation.Topics:

  • Create a “Detective Notebook” which will include sketches, photography, journaling, and hypothesis
  • Learn how to debate as you attempt to discover the mystery behind the crime
  • Use science skills and forensics to do fingerprinting and DNA analysis

Final Project:

Students will participate in a final mock trial at the State Superior Court in Downtown Atlanta

Emory Genetics Lab, Zoo Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, Georgia State Bar Association, Centers for Disease Control, Dekalb County Courthouse

Create a portfolio, learn about interest, debt, and savings, and gain skills to deal properly with money!During Odyssey Apprentice, students will be taught the skills necessary to learn how to deal with money in a variety of situations. Consumer debt, compound interest, the power of saving, philanthropy, and debt management will be topics covered throughout the summer. Classes will also practice job interview and public speaking skills.Topics:

  • Create an Economic Portfolio that includes research on a company, “purchase” stock, and chart activity
  • Participate in mock interviews to enhance public speaking skills
  • Learn how to play bridge
  • Create a TV commercial to promote fundraising

Final Project:

Create a business and compete against fellow Odyssey Apprentices

Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta Food Bank, ChickFilA Headquarters, WSB Studios, Buford Highway Flea Market



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