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Odyssey Docs
Rising 4th Grade
Odyssey Jet Setters
Rising 5th Grade
Odyssey Humanitarians

Concept: Use health and exercise to help sharpen your mind!

In Odyssey Docs, students will learn about the importance of staying fit. They will hear from trainers, doctors and nutritionists and attend various field trips related to exercise and nutrition. Students will also learn how to grow their own fruits and vegetables and nurture their own tomato plants.


  • Powerpoint presentations and animation
  • The Food Pyramid
  • Biographical study of famous people from the medical field
  • Exercises for children
  • Gardening and service learning
  • Graphing and measurement
  • Informational and expository writing
  • Poetry

Trips and Guest Speakers:

Trips: Whole Foods, Young Chef’s Academy, Atlanta Food Bank

Speakers: Nutritionists, Pediatrician, Food Specialist, Athletic Trainer


Concept: Broaden your horizons by learning about the customs, traditions and contributions of other cultures.

Our Jet Setters will “travel abroad” to Spain, West Africa, and China, exploring the various arts, historical facts, and customs of each. Students will craft artifacts, learn ceremonial dances, and research facts on each country.


  • Use a variety of texts and technological resources for research
  • Work as a team to overcome obstacles and challenges in diverse settings
  • Create arts and crafts important to each culture (making paper, kente hats)
  • Learn traditional West African, Flamenco and Chinese dances
  • Geography and Map skills
  • Persuasive writing
  • Poetry
  • Powerpoint presentations and animation

Trips and Guest Speakers:

Trips: Clarkston Community Garden, Papermaking Museum, Bobo Tenate’ West African Dance workshop, Flamenco dance workshop

Speakers: World Travelers and People from Diverse Cultures

Concept: Improve your math, reading and writing skills by engaging in experiences that promote unity and awareness in our community.Our Odyssey Humanitarians will learn how to enrich the community through service, as well as debate thought provoking issues of the past and present through engaging projects.Topics:

  • “The Golden Rule”
  • How have issues in the past affected our rights and responsibilities as citizens today?
  • Using math skills to calculate distance, area and perimeter.
  • Informational and persuasive writing
  • Powerpoint presentations and animation
  • Odyssey’s Great Debaters

Trips and Guest Speakers:

Trips: Martin Luther King Center, Community Farms

Speakers: Civil Rights activists, lawyers, police officers


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